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June 8, 2017
CHIP Baby & Toddler Shops
June 8, 2017

John McEnhill, NRCA Board of Directors Chairman, presents the 2017 NRCA Philip Sadler Memorial Community Service Volunteer of the Year Award to Sharon Lowery for her service at the Giles CHIP Baby & Toddler Shop.

New River Community Action (NRCA) presented their annual Philip Sadler Memorial Community Service Volunteer of the Year Award to Sharon Lowery at the agency’s Board of Directors’ meeting in Radford on May 18, 2017.   NRCA recognized Ms. Lowery for her outstanding volunteer service to the Children’s Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) Giles County Baby & Toddler Shop.

The shop is a unique service for families living in Giles.  Parents receive necessary items such as clothing, diapers, shoes, and coats to help meet the needs of their children.  However, the shop is more than helping with needed items. When a family visits the shop for the first time, the parent is invited to complete a short information sheet so that a CHIP staff member can make contact later to provide information about home visiting and other available resources in the community. Home visiting is a powerful tool that promotes strong, healthy families and supports parents in their efforts to become self-sufficient.  Many parents choose to enroll in CHIP home visiting, ultimately empowering future generations in Giles County.

Sharon Lowery is the Volunteer Shop Manager at the Giles County Baby & Toddler Shop.  She recruits, trains and supervises other volunteers at the shop.  Ms. Lowery often stays after closing to clean, organize, or meet clients or after-hours emergency needs.  She contributes funds to buy goods for the shop and pays for a storage unit to keep large or out of season items secure and organized.

Sharon’s dedication to the shop and its customers goes beyond mere “customer service.”  Sharon helps each client feel valued and loved.  Her philosophy includes treating everyone with dignity and respect, and she trains her staff to share in this attitude of joyous giving.  Sharon’s goal is that everyone who walks in the door feels welcomed.  She is the “glue” that keeps her staff of six volunteers committed and enthusiastic.

New River Community Action annually presents the Philip Sadler Memorial Community Service Volunteer of the Year Award in memory of the late Philip M. Sadler, a Pulaski County attorney, community leader and humanitarian.  In recognition of exceptional service to the community, NRCA presents the award to an outstanding NRCA volunteer.

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