Getting a Head Start in Pulaski

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July 26, 2017
CHIP welcomes new Outreach Specialist!
August 30, 2017

Head Start staff and parents are ecstatic over their new location at 1520 Bob White Boulevard in Pulaski!

Felicia Ba, the Site Administrator for Pulaski Head Start, noted that the new center is better suited for children, staff and the program schedule. The new building is functionality at its best! Staff was invited to provide input into the layout and make selections from paint colors to flooring and cabinetry. Felicia noted, “It is the small items that staff is finding so helpful such as the cord drops in the desk countertops and the multi-electrical outlets.” Having windows that open will allow for airing out classrooms in the winter to reduce illness.

The center has a new playground with classroom doors opening directly onto the area. Staff is thrilled about the concrete area that will create an “outside classroom” for reading, sensory activities, and block play. Children love the new tricycle path!

The new site also allows better communication among the Head Start staff. The team formerly occupied offices on separate floors. Now they use office spaces with built in desks and cabinetry just across the hall from each other.

Parents are pleased with the new large parking lot. Head Start greatly appreciates the Pulaski Church of God for allowing staff to use their nearby parking lot so that parents may park in the center’s lot.

The new kitchen is convenient and efficient with a new commercial-size refrigerator and large food warmer. The center’s food service has changed with the new location so that meals are now picked up from Pulaski Middle School. The new service includes pre-packaged servings allowing staff to retrieve breakfast for the next day as they return the current day’s lunch dishes. This new arrangement saves on storage, food shopping and preparation time so that Center Aides can provide additional support in the classrooms.

It is hard to visit the new center and not hear about how blessed NRCA Head Start staff feels about our new landlord, Jeff Buchinsky of JWB Contractors and West Street Properties. Pulaski Town Manager, Shawn Utt, helped connect Head Start to Mr. Buchinsky. Felicia noted, “Jeff was so understanding of the program needs and the special challenges for an early childhood space. He sees the vision that Head Start has for serving the children and families. After the architects initially determined the building was not large enough for four classrooms, Jeff built an addition for the fourth classroom because he did not want to reduce the number of families served by Pulaski Head Start.” The attention by the landlord and the construction workers to detail and quality astonished staff. Felicia added, “Jeff made sure the windows opened, added the archway entrance, resurfaced the sidewalk and even repaved the parking lot. Jeff said he wanted this property to be the best Pulaski Head Start site ever, and he delivered on that.” Sheryl Helm, NRCA Director of Early Childhood and Family Services, noted, “Staff has never met anyone quite like Jeff, he is truly an angel.”

The new center serves 76 children and their families. There is a feeling of freshness at NRCA Pulaski Head Start, truly making it a joy to be there! We believe the children will enjoy the new site as much as staff and parents.

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