2017-18 MEMBERS:

  • Aline Brinkman
  • Mark DeBusk
  • Col. John Getgood
  • Sarah Greene
  • Carrie Hodge
  • Tina Lindsey
  • John McEnhill
  • Boyoung Park
  • Elaine Powell
  • Sally Quesenberry
  • Gina Rhea
  • Lee Simpkins
  • Corbin Vierling
  • Tonia Winn

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

HEAD START Policy Council Minutes

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government.

New River Community Action Board member, Sarah Greene, has spent years involved in raising awareness about homelessness and poverty. Her dedication to those causes—and the reasons behind her passion for advocacy—earned her a spot as one of 10 remarkable individuals featured in the forthcoming book (Extra)Ordinary: More Inspirational Stories of Everyday People.

Sarah has also published her photobook:  Too Hungry to Be Proud: A Photographic Journal of ‘One Thing’ that Changed Their Lives which can be published on Amazon at