Board Monthly Documents

The next NRCA Board of Directors meeting will be held Thursday, October 19, 2017
at Blacksburg Head Start (Blacksburg Presbyterian Church), 701 Church Street SE, Blacksburg, Virginia.

Two sets of directions (one if attending facilities tour and the other is directly to the meeting site).
Blacksburg Presbyterian Church Head Start
Montgomery Facilities Tour starts at CHIP at 4:00 PM

Finance Training starts at 5:45 in Blacksburg
Personnel Committee meets at 5:45 in Blacksburg
Audit Interview starts at 6:15 in Blacksburg

Meal will be provided at meeting.
 Board meeting to start at 7:00 p.m.

If you get lost, call Terry Smusz on her cell at 540-392-5710 or John McEnhill at 540-239-3854.

Please note the committee meeting times for the month,
and call Terry at 633-5133, ext. 416 or Sheila, ext. 415 if you are unable to attend any of your scheduled meetings by noon on Board meeting day.

Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee
(Gina, Corbin, Aline, John M, John G)
October 12 at 6:30 PM
Radford NRCA Admin Office

Personnel Committee
(Corbin, Sarah, Aline)
October 19 at 5:45 PM
Blacksburg Head Start

Finance Training
(Boyoung, Carrie, Mark, Tina)
October 19 at 5:45 PM
Blacksburg Head Start

Finance and Personnel Committees
please bring your calendars to schedule a joint November meeting


(Note: Just click on the agenda item to pull up the document -should be in link format if there is a document).
* Denotes need for Board approval
PC Denotes need for HS Policy Council approval
SP Strategic Plan Item

Call to Order
Mr. John McEnhill

Public Comment
Mr. John McEnhill

* Approval of Agenda
Mr. John McEnhill

Consent Agenda Items:

Approval of previous month’s Board Meeting Minutes
Board Minutes September 21 2017

Agency Mail
Ms. Elaine Powell

Accept Agency’s Annual Audit Report/Address Any Findings
Audit Report
Ms. Carol Koss
Warren & Koss, PC

Strategic Planning Goal #2: Explore Income Producing Opportunities Such as Special Events and For-Profit Ventures
Terry Smusz

Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee Report

John McEnhill

Personnel Committee Report

Ms. Corbin Vierling

*Personnel 1:  Job Description- To Our House Shelter Services Assistant
TOH Shelter Services Assistant

*Personnel 2:  Job Description- Thrift Store Manager (for Giles County Christian Services Mission)
Thrift Store Manager 

CFO Report:
Tammy Pennington
Board Review of Monthly Financial Documents

CEO Report:
Ms. Terry Smusz
NRCA & Giles County Christian Service Mission Partnership Update and Draft MOU

Other Business:
Mr. John McEnhill

Board of Directors’ Annual Work Plan – First Quarter Update
Annual Workplan 2017-18 1st quarter report


Next meeting scheduled for November 16, 2017 in RADFORD

  • Joint Finance & Personnel Committee Meeting: Date/time to be determined
  • Program, Planning, & Evaluation Committee: Nov. 16 at 6:00 PM
  • Public/Community Relations & Resource Development Committee: Nov. 14 at 2 PM

Freedom of Information Act:
Monthly Board of Directors and NRCA Advisory Council Meeting Schedule
FOIA NRCA Meetings Flyer-October 2017