Board Monthly Documents

The next NRCA Board of Directors meeting will be held Thursday, June 15, 2017
at the NRCA Administrative Office, 1093 East Main Street, Radford, Virginia.  

Board meeting to start at 7:00 p.m.

Directions to Radford NRCA 1093 East Main

Please note the committee meeting times for the month of June,
and call Terry at 633-5133, ext. 416 or Sheila, ext. 415 if you are unable to attend any of your scheduled meetings.

Executive Committee

(John M, Elaine, Aline, Lee, Terry M)

was held Friday, June 2

Membership Committee 

(John M, Terry, Sally, Aline, Lee)

Thursday, June 15

6:30 PM

Radford Admin

Program/Planning/Evaluation Committee

(John Getgood, Kathy Hoover, Sarah, Gina)

Thursday, June 15

6:00 PM

Radford Admin


(Note: Just click on the agenda item to pull up the document -should be in link format if there is a document).
* Denotes need for Board approval
PC Denotes need for HS Policy Council approval
SP Strategic Plan Item

Board Service Recognition
John McEnhill

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
VITA season end report 2017

Ms. Laura Murphy
VITA/AmeriCorps Coordinator

Call to Order
Mr. John McEnhill

Public Comment
Mr. John McEnhill

* Approval of Agenda
Mr. John McEnhill

Consent Agenda Items:

Approval of previous month’s Board Meeting Minutes
Board Minutes May 18 2017

Approval of June 2, 2017 Executive Committee Minutes
Exe Com Minutes June 2 2017

Agency Mail
Ms. Elaine Powell

Membership Committee Report
John McEnhill

Program/Planning/Evaluation Committee

*Program 1: CSBG Third Quarter Report
CSBG 3rd Quarter Report 2016-17

Program 2:  CHIP Parent Survey Results
CHIP NRCA Parent Survey Data SFY17
CHIP 2016 NRV Parent Survey Results 

Program 3: VA CARES Monitoring Report
VA CARES Monitoring Report 2017

Program 4: National Performance Indicator Quick Reference
NPI – quick reference


Nominating Committee Report
Nominating Com Minutes May 18 2017

CEO Report:
Ms. Terry Smusz

Other Business:
Mr. John McEnhill

Appoint Pulaski Target Election Monitor(s)

Committee Assignment:  Tonia Winn to Program, Planning & Evaluation

Committee Preference Forms
Board Committee Information

*Proposed Annual Board Workplan 2017-18
Annual Workplan 2017-18 

*Finance 1 – CSBG 3rd Quarter Financial Status Report
Financial Status Report 3rd Qtr

CEO Goals 

CEO Compensation

Board Review of Monthly Financial Documents 




Next meeting scheduled for July 20, 2017, in Radford
            Finance and Personnel Committee meetings prior to the July Board meeting

Monthly Staff PR and Resource Development Report
PR Staff Report for May 2017 activities

Monthly USDA Child/Adult Food Program Report
USDA report for May and June 2017

Head Start Program Information Updates
ACF PI HS 17 01 Admin and Audit Requirements
ACF-PI-HS-17-02 – FY 2017 Head Start Funding Increase

Freedom of Information Act:
Monthly Board of Directors and NRCA Advisory Council Meeting Schedule
FOIA Meetings for June