Monthly Sponsors

We are very grateful for the generous donations of our monthly sponsors. Their support allows us to provide consistent food offerings to our clients. Our food sponsors include:

Blacksburg Baptist Church Peanut butter, jelly, dried rice, dried beans and dried milk
Blacksburg United Methodist Church Meat and other monthly food contributions, detergent, facility use and utilities
Christ Episcopal Church Loaf bread and cereal
Northside Presbyterian Church Milk and eggs
Blacksburg Christian Fellowship Potatoes

Community Sponsors

As a member of Feeding America, Inc., we receive daily donations of breads, deli, unsold meat and bakery items from University City Blvd. Kroger and Food Lion on North Main St., and excess food from Little Caesars and Bimbo Bakeries. We also receive produce from Red Sun Farms and the New River Valley Glean Team. Hunters for the Hungry processes venison in the fall for distribution. We also receive support from the Virginia Tech University Bookstore and Blacksburg Rotary.

The Pantry is seeking sponsors to purchase other needed food items on a regular schedule. Email bburgifp@nullgmail.com for more information. A list of all items distributed to our clients can be found at Make a Donation under Food Donations.